Virtual Reality  How It All Started?

Virtual Reality  How It All Started? A reality that claims it is not real. All the Sci-fi we have watched our whole life will turn out to be non-fictional

Why two words with ironic meanings came into existence? In the start, it confused my tiny head while thinking what does it actually is! Curiosity forced the fingers to Google about the technology behind Virtual Reality.

It said “Virtual Reality is a realistic and immersive simulation of a three-dimensional 360-degree environment, created using the interactive software and hardware; experienced and controlled by the movement of a body.  

Okay, I must make it simpler for you, Virtual Reality is the perfect medium to do things, be it to learn or to experience something that you would not be able to do with regular computers. Within a short span of time, we went from nobody ever heard of virtual reality to the point that millions of people have already tried it out but is it still popular in your region?

I started becoming more interested in Virtual Reality and shared it with a friend about the magic of this newly developed Computer Science technology! (Slap) (Slap). WTF! I angrily asked why would he hit me! He explained it is not that VR has just fallen in our lap from the GOD’s R&D  Lab but it’s in here since long. He further opened his reservoir of knowledge and told me about the fairy tales of VR developments over the time.

In 1949,  First Computer Graphic System was built in at MIT campus. 

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In 1962, Morton Heilig built Sensorama in 1962 which was applauded as the second milestone invention. It was an Arcade setup with a vibrating motorcycle seat and handlebars.

In 1968, The First headed mounted display, The Sword of Damocles which looks similar to modern day VR and AR device was developed.

In 1977, Data Gloves came. virtual reality blog
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EyePhone followed the suit in 1988. Spelling alert, Folks! It has nothing to do anything with Apple. Ironically, EyePhones of that time also had the price tag too steep to stay in the vicinity of a common man. One pair of EyePhones cost $10000, 1980 dollars.

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Source: Edx

In the 1990s, VR became a lot more sophisticated which eventually it led to consumer VR. 

1n 1993, Silicon Graphics Reality was capable of rendering 200,000 textured and garage shaded polygons per second. Compared with Today’s Nvidia GTX cards, which can render 50000 times as many. That was not impressive but it was a milestone.

Modern day VR:

19-Year-young Palmer Lucky kickstarted a project for an inexpensive VR Headset. He named it Oculus Rift. Consequently, it took mere 2 years for a young startup to be bought by Facebook for whooping $2 Billion. Oculus launched a customer focused VR device Oculus Rift V1  in 2016. Other Players like Samsung, Sony and Google eventually threw their cards as well but its too early to judge any product offerings due to a nascent stage they all are in.

What excites me as a Marketer is how would we be able to integrate our marketing strategies into VR devices? Will we be able to include Virtual Reality as one of the marketing-mix? It’s going to be a hell of an exciting journey once VR devices take the stage and enjoy the fame as our beloved smartphones do in this arena! Seems like, we will witness the Virtual Reality Era in near future!
Source: Oculus Official Website