Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

As we have reached the end of 2017, it is time to look ahead and see what opportunities are waiting for Digital Marketing in 2018. The best practice to analyze future trends can be done by studying past and present trends in Digital Marketing and find out which one failed and which one grew. Focusing on these strong Digital Marketing trends, we have made a research that can shine your company in 2018. We have done a deep research to find out the key trends in order to land your company one-step ahead in this game. 


Here are the Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2018


1) Targeting the mobile audience 

Most of the people in this globe spend 70 % of their day on mobile phones. Now we can count mobile phone among our topmost essentials. At this successful scenario of Digitization, are we able to grab traffic from those mobile audiences? Our research says a company is going to left behind if they ignore this fact in 2018. Some business websites are not supportive of mobile devices, which means they are losing a huge traffic daily. It can be clearly seen that Apps will dominate websites in 2018.

2) Video Marketing

No matter how perfectly you have pen down a content, very few people will have the patience and time to read it. In upcoming years, people will prefer to watch a video rather than reading it. Videos are eye pleasing than some black and white words. As consumers are becoming more demanding day by day, they will expect some entertainment along with impactful information so that come on takes #2 slot on our Digital Marketing Trends list.  

3) Influencer Marketing

Before landing on a new product, we want to see some previous results, some advice from previous consumers so that we can trust on that product. Let me predict a soon future, as we head into 2018, influencers are going to be a voice of companies. The marketers who have already introduced Influencer Marketing into their strategies, they have seen the exponential growth of their companies. The influencer has the powerful capabilities to grab consumer’s attention and it is definitely going to count on Digital Marketing Trends of ‘Twenty 18’.

4) Artificial Intelligence solutions

Artificial Intelligence can dramatically change a business scenario. For example, Chatbots are becoming ultimate guide for consumers and that too within a fraction of a second. A business growth depends on customer’s satisfaction. Chatbots do not sleep and it has the capability to provide 24/7 customer service. This excellent invention of AI is more capable of building a good relationship rather than human. In near future, solutions of AI will definitely take a business to sky-high level. 


5) Social media Marketing

By far, social media is the only way of marketing that is never going to be outdated. We all have probably given up after the invention of Facebook. Then Instagram came and when we set the limit of Social media to Instagram, Snapchat arrives. I am sure there is at least one Social media app waiting for us in 2018 which will rule over all the Trending social media apps of 2017.

And now as you have known the future trends of Digital Marketing, it is time to work on it. Start with Basics. Take this Free Digital Marketing Seminar and hone up your skills!


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