Top Three Social Media Campaigns in 2017: Case Study

OYO Rooms Case Study

Social Media Campaigns

SMM (Social Media Marketing) has become a vital part of any Marketing Mix. A Huge amount of dollars are put to use to have an edge over competition or simply gain traction. I came across these 3 amazing companies who run some interesting campaigns.



Currently, the most popular Hotel brand that owns and aggregates Hotels India. It was started by a young and dynamic Ritesh Agarwal in 2011. It has gained applause from all the quarters. As a result, they will have to keep up with the growing pace, their marketing department has to formulate an eye-catching strategy.

They impressed everyone with their unique content creation strategy when they came up #OYONauts. It is a community of the travelers, bloggers, and storytellers bitten by the travel bug.

Social Media Marketing: OYO Rooms Case Study
OYO Rooms Case Study

Social Media Marketing: Blogging

It is as one of the most important arsenals of Digital Warriors. On top of that, User Generated content is considered most effective. This #OYONauts will help OYO collect amazing content in the form of travel pictures, stories, and videos generated by the travelers. This content will be shared by the travelers on their social handles. You may ask why would some bother to share their travel stories. I will tell you why!

Because you will get explicit incentives in return! Wohoo! If your picture, stories and videos catch the attention of OYO team, you will be featured on their website! Plus, You will get a Travel Essential Goodie bag. Plus, a hotel stay anywhere in India, Malaysia and Nepal! What else do you want! And why on earth wouldn’t you bother to share their content on Social Media!

It is an amazing campaign that will firstly, 1) increase brand awareness in lot more towns. 2) More people would like to share their travel story. 3) ROI at lowest investment. 4) UGC User Generated Content will increase the conversion rate. 5) Savings on In house or Agency Generated Content. Are you a travel bug too ? OYONauts should be your place to go! 

Current Social Handles of OYO:

Facebook: 4Lac Likes

Instagram: 15.1k folowers




A mobile brand that outsmart many Indian Players in no time and currently enjoys close to 10% market share. Being a Chinese manufacturer, it was a top priority to gain trust so they brought India’s sensational actress Deepika Padukone aboard as their brand ambassador. It helped them breaking into Top 10 Smartphones in India with their commendable smartphones.

Presently, it is time to freshen up their on going smartphone F3. They decided to revamp the product with a new limited edition color: Pink! What caught our attention wasn’t the color but the name they gave to the limited edition piece: #F3DeepikaEdition.

Social Media Marketing Oppo Case study
OPPO Case Study

Just Few Hours ago, Oppo decided to put the Facebook Badge to good use. It created a badge that has Deepika’s DP and F3 written on the left hand side. The contest featuring Deepika Padukone with the handset asking and encouraging the users to make it the profile badge to stand the chance to win a signed F3 Dual Selfie Camera Handset.

It will surely woo Deepika Fans globally. This strategy has been used before. But it surely will rhyme with the audience because everybody loves Limited Edition! Don’t You ?

Current Social Handles of OPPO India

Facebook: 28 Million Likes

Instagram: 217k Followers





How Pandora used Instagram to run their Social Media Campaign on Raksha Bandhan 2017 in India ?

Be where your customer is: This is the golden rule every marketer has to live by. Every company irrespective of their size and scale has learnt that Social Media Marketing can bring in a lot of sales for them. They do every marketing experiment to reach their target audience and social media provides a win-win platform.

Pandora, a Women Jewelry brand founded in 1982. It has its headquarters in Denmark and Stores in 100+ Countries. It also has whooping 3.1 million followers on Instagram as I write about them.

Social Media Marketing: Pandora Case Study
Pandora Case Study

Being an internet addict, I was just browsing Instagram and came across Shradha Kapoor’s Instagram Story where she thanks her brother about the Rakhi Gift. She showcased Pandora Jewel Box featuring a pendant. I did not know about the brand then, Interestingly, in a matter of few hours, another actress posted a story gifting her mother a Pandora bracelet! But I couldn’t see any UGC ( User Generated Content)

Boom! It was an amazing marketing strategy done right. Good thing that it didn’t look like marketing at all. Pandora entered Indian Market early this year and they plan to open Multi chain stores.  Therefore, it is important for them to follow the marketing funds of ‘be where the customer is’. They have an amazing collection so creating a digital marketing strategy is crucial to woo the tech savvy. Young generation in India.

It excites me to cover their Future Social Media Campaigns.

Current Social Handles of Pandora:

Facebook: 12 Million

Instagram: 3.1 million