Step by step Guide for beginners to create your account on google ads

How to create a Google ad account


To access Google docs you need a Google Account. Once you set that up, you can use it to access any google’s long list of fresh products and you can also use it to create and log into accounts on a variety of other sites, including YouTube and many others. A Google account is not the same thing as a Gmail Account. A google account gives you access to all of google’s products, while Gmail is one of them. You can set up a Google Account using whatever email address you choose. The email address you create your google Account with becomes your Google Account ID and you can use your Gmail account ID and password to log into Google Docs, into other Google products and into other sites that give you access via your Google Account. Let’s begin How to create a Google ad account,


Create a Gmail Account:


Gmail is one of the most popular email services provided y google free of cost. Hundred of thousands of people around the globe use g-mail to send and receive email messages on a day to day basis. A g-mail account can also use to archive old mails or a backup. Below are the steps and instructions you need to follow to create a g-mail account.


  1. In a new window browser visit create a google account for g-mail
  2. Enter your first name and last name in the name section.
  3. Enter your desired user name under choose your username. Your g-mail address will be your username followed by ‘’.
  4. Enter a password for your g-mail account under both create a password and confirm a password. For enhance security you should later enable two factor authentication for your g-mail account.
  5. Click Next.


  1. Now you are asked to verify your phone number. You can skip this step if you prefer.


  1. Enter your mobile number and alternate email address for account verification and authorization. Google uses this information to protect your privacy and to allow you to recover your lost password.
  2. Enter your birth date and gender in the field provided.
  3. Click Next.


  1. Read the privacy and terms and then click ‘I Agree’ to continue.



  1. You are done. I agree you are taken to my account page for the email address you just created. From there you can sign in to your email account and manage your personal information and set your account preferences.


Now you are set to use your new g-mail account which is your new google account id to access into all the Google products.


Finally we will Create Google ads Account


Stage 1: Sign Up for Google AdWords

First get to the Google AdWords landing page.

You will require a Google username to utilize Google AdWords. In the event that you have a Gmail account, at that point you can utilize your Gmail username, or on the off chance that you make another Google username for the AdWords administration, you may do as such by tapping on the Start presently catch demonstrated as follows.


You will be taken to the Create Google Account page, where you can choose the username and password you’d like to use with AdWords.


Stage 2: Verify Your Account

During step 1, if you decided to use your existing Google account (i.e., your Gmail account) to create an AdWords account, then you do not need to follow this step. However, if you created a new Google account for AdWords, then you will be required to verify your account.

After verifying your account with Google, you will be able to sign in using your username and password.

Stage 3: Set Up Your First Campaign

Once you are signed in to Google AdWords, the system will prompt you to create your first campaign.

You can choose your campaign settings (name for your new campaign, audience language, location, network settings, bidding and budget options, etc.) as shown in the following example:



And you are done.

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