Shopify -A eCommerce sensation

If eCommerce is your passion or you want to start with an online store then chances are very high that you have heard about the most powerful software Shopify.

It is the software which is helping more than 6,00,000 businesses in 175 countries.

If you are serious about your online store then Shopify should be your first choice because it helps us to promote, sell and ship your product with a user-friendly interface that this software has.

It is a cloud-based software which does not make a hole in your pocket and that is why it is so popular among online eCommerce owners.

I say cost-effective because you can set up your online store just at a low cost of ₹2075/month.

I know that is awesome…


But when you start you online eCommerce only buying Shopify subscription is not enough. I know Shopify help you to create the best store in the world but running an eCommerce store need lots of effort and dedication.

If eCommerce and Shopify are a new word to you and if you feel like “dummy” than this article will help you and at the end of this article you know everything about Shopify that I can guarantee you…

let’s start an informative journey with this article…

Shopify-Complete eCommerce online service

Shopify is complete eCommerce software which enhances the credibility of your website. It handles everything from product listing to secure payments interface.

It handles maximum work an eCommerce owner have which makes it extremely amazing and make workflow so smooth that an online business owner can only imagine. It provides a user-friendly interface and acts as “one-stop-shop” for an online eCommerce owner.

But Maximum Features can make this software a bit complex I know this you are thinking…Because the market has the myth that if you want to start or establish the eCommerce that you have to know the coding.

But In this, Shopify is a bit ahead of the market it provides web builders and customizable templates that you can easily set up and promote your business so that you can focus on the most important things.

I know you are thinking these features are all okay but money is one other point for this Shopify provide us a 14 days trial period where they do not charge any money so that you can see that this amazing software is for you or not.

They have multiple articles to solve your query and a chat room so that you do not have any problem or query with this software.

I know at the end you will decide to have this software…and don’t fear your online business are in good hands…

Shopify-Affordable or Expensive

so the next big question how this amazing software cost?

I know a lot of people think that they are paying an arm and leg for the services but surprisingly Shopify is very affordable when you are comparing with other eCommerce platforms…

its flexible pricing allows different types for business to choose according to their needs the more the price more functionality and features are added to your eCommerce store.

Shopify offers various plans:

-Shopify Basic costs ₹2075/month-which are more than enough for a budding business.

This price includes all things like no hosting require, no setup fees, you can upload unlimited products, no bandwidth fees, no transaction fees and many other features.

Its subscription is every monthly basis so that you can cancel your subscription any time if you want…

Can you sell Anything with this amazing platform Shopify…

you can sell anything available in this world like physical products, digital products which are not illegal, dropship products.

But there is some restriction that Shopify strictly prohibited that these things a person or business cannot sell on Shopify platforms like black market products, marijuana, alcohol, adult content, pharmaceuticals, supplements and gambling-related products.

Steps that help you to start with Shopify

from the above, we get to know that what is Shopify, it is affordable or expensive different plans what we can sell what we cant.

But there are a few steps you have to follow to get started with Shopify.

1. Sign Up with Shopify

first, you have to visit because there only you can start your process and there you have to select “create your store now” fill in the details they have asked.

2.Set up your online shop

After this, you will be redirected to “store admin screen” that is called an eCommerce business command centre, once you have reached here the fun part begins you can customize your store according to your need, like uploading products, setting up payments and shipping etc.

3. Choose a Shopify theme

No business is ready without any branding and eCommerce storefront design. Shopify has many themes in the official theme store by which you can make an awesome looking website.

but if you want a more amazing look and faster website then you can go for premium themes which increase your customization.


4.Set Up Payments

so products and eCommerce is ready and the next and most important part is payment gateways because this is the system helping us to get or receive money from our customers.

We have to check the gateways fees, features they offer and rules and regulation under which money transfer.

you are good to go with the website…


Shopify FAQ

many features are there but you need to master all of that to run a successful website.

you can check FAQ Section of Shopify to increase your knowledge about features

Conclusion Shopify

I think I have covered everything that you need to understand the Shopify.

at last, it is a good and affordable platform to ease your work.

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