Step by Step Guide to Increase Instagram Followers using Instazood Bot

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A month ago, I started my Instagram Profile with the username @anuragbhatiadotin, I made sure this page is focused towards Digital Marketing and Digital Tools that any normal internet user can take advantage of.

While I focused on creating useful content for you, my sibling took care to publish and promote it. Once in a while, I started getting random DMs and comments on my posts appreciating my content and a request to follow them back. Not long back did I know this was not a human activity.

No, we are not attacked by Zombies yet. It was an Instagram Bot who used to send those messages that looked motivating, inspiring and what not. Yes, you can also keep your Instagram on Auto-Pilot now! Let me show you how:

Step: 1 Go to to feel the magic of Instagram


Create and Configure your Bot Here

They have the best and easy to use interface to create Automated Messages for your Instagram profile. You can create Welcome Messages for your new followers. Also, you can engage with your existing followers. Start their Free Trial without giving any debit/credit card information

top instagram bot

Step: 2 Fill up the Instazood Sign Up Form to explore Instagram Bot

Fill the simple form. Best thing I found about Instazood is: It never asks you for your Credit Card Information for billing you in future. The tool is free for three days so you got time to experiment and nurture your Followers.


top instagram bot

Step:3  Add your Instagram account on to use Instagram Bot

Here, you have to fill your Instagram @Username to start creating your template messages that will be sent to your existing and future Followers instantly. It is going to be exciting after this. Your Followers will love the instant connection this bot will make.

top instagram bot

Step:4 You will be taken to this window: GET STARTED with you Instagram Bot!

Once you fill you up the form, you have to open Instagram on your mobile phone.

top instagram bot

Step: 5 Just Authenticate that IT WAS YOU using Instagram Bot

This is just to make sure your account is safe. Once you have done it. Go back to and enjoy the fun and peace it will bring to your life. Social Life at least 😀

Step:6: Create Automated Messages using Bot

You will get access to your Inbox right from this Dashboard. Messages can be created and sent to three categories:

a) New Followers as Welcoming DMs

b) Existing Followers to inform, engage and nurture

c) Custom Contact (to send to specific group)


Finally, Enjoy controlling your first Bot ever! Start Here! In case of any doubt, Reach me. I accidentally dropped my details in the above screengrabs!

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