How to Earn from Social Media Marketing in 2017 ?

How to Earn from Social Media marketing

Yes, You heard it right, we are going to discuss about how to Grow your social media presence and earn a handsome amount via Social Media Marketing. You may ask me. Is it that easy?! How to do it? Wait, Boy! Your curiosity is justified. I have curated this article just to take you on a ride where I will answer all your Why! how to earn from social media marketing! When! related to Social Media Marketing and everything in between in this journey.

Let’s first understand How?

First of all, you need to understand Influencer Marketing. I will explain it to you through an example.

Let’s assume, You are a gym freak girl who loves to post gym selfies or flaunt her new dresses in that toned body every now and then. Or You are a gadget nerd who loves to show-off his love for technology every now and then.  Above all, you never shy away posting about your passion which people like about you and follow you back.

Within no time, You guys have gained a followership that has stretched beyond your family, friends and irritating relatives! Now people follow you because they admire you. Since toned body inspires them, Maybe, many have sought an advice from you. Whatever the case may be. You can now proclaim yourself as a Tiny Celebrity (an Influencer) who is ready to monetize his or her social media presence.

influencer marketing social media marketing
Influencer Marketing

So, Influencer marketing is the newest social media marketing tactic.

Therefore, companies follow this latest trends to reach their business motive by taking you aboard with them. Some of you must ask Why us? Why aren’t they just doing it by direct advertisement?

An answer to this question lies in the fact that “People believe what other people have to say about the brand than the company itself bragging about it.

Now it must be clear what all the hype is all about. You must have an idea that how Tarun Gill Fitness, Nazar-Battu, Technical Guruji, AkritiRana Gill, Beer Biceps among others made a fortune out of their social presence. Don’t know them? Go Google! Finally, I created a list that must be followed religiously to have a successful stint in the horizon:

Learn How to increase your Instagram Followers in this crisp video from none other than Neil Patel:

7 Tips how you can be an Influencer like them:

  • Decide the Channel: Not all social media channels are for you. You may be good at Youtube but suck at using Instagram or vice-versa. Therefore, understand your horizon and move further.
  • Reach: (No. Of Followers) You already have a decent reach. Great. Don’t sit back and warm your couch. Boost it further to bag your first influencer marketing campaign. More the better.
  • Register with an influencer marketing agency:,, among others are the most trusted firms who take you closer to their clients and they get paid for that.
  • Be an expert in your niche: Would you give a damn if I start a Gadget Blog with no clue what SnapDragon is all about. For the sake of God, You have to have a sound knowledge in your niche. Your followers follow you because of your in-depth knowledge about those Makeup ideas or Abs Workout diet or whatever.
  • Relevance: Would you like to look at my family pack while I promote 6 pack fitness supplements. You would rather suggest I start a food blog. Relevant content will take you a long way.
  • Resonance: (Engagement Power) But here’s a spoiler ‘quality over quantity’. You don’t want followers or fans who never comment or like your posts. So your focus should be on creating a post that encourages your fans to double tap and comment.
  • Consistent: It is the key. You have to be regular in your virtual social circles. It is very easy for me to pull your followers away to my instagram page or channel in no time. Hence, Stay conscious. Post Regularly and most importantly don’t try to be a teacher. Ask them for their opinion. Make your Channel or Posts interactive.

Most noteworthy, It’s not a number of followers, But the energy put out, the souls you touch, the hearts you inspire, rewards live there. Go cash it!

Oh yeah. But you cannot ignore numbers either. If that cranky client wants to see some shining traffic flow to your site,  Check out this post which explains How to Increase Instagram Flows using this Instazood Bot. 

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