Top 5 Reasons Cold Calling is Outdated and Digital Marketing is the Future

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Digital Marketing vs Cold Calling

The days are not far when Cold Calling will vanish into thin air. Don’t worry! It is a good news for all the buyers and sellers out there. Cold calling is a thing of past when people were unaware of the potential of Digital Marketing. However, today people are becoming familiar with Digital Marketing and letting go of Cold Calling with happy faces. Let’s understand Digital Marketing vs cold calling!

Digital Marketing vs cold calling

Let us discuss why Cold Calling is outdated and Digital

Marketing is the future:

  1. Wastage of time: Cold Calling follows a long procedure where making an impression takes hours which we can hardly call a success. It is a clear declination of the desired product. If a business is investing that much amount of time on calls, it is definitely a big challenge for them. On the other hand, Digital Marketing can make things happen within minutes. That is why Digital Marketing is definitely a smart choice for a business.
  1. The Online Trend: These days, people connect themselves with social media which we can call “The Online Trend”. Social media has become a major part of everyone’s lifestyle where people spend a major share of their day. This provides great advantages for a business. Cold Calling reaches one person at a time while social media allows reaching the unimaginable audience at a single go. As getting traffic is the primary strategy of a business, they can fulfill it online more efficiently.
  1. Annoying Calls: The annoyance of a cold call is one of the major reason for its massive failure. Cold Calling is a procedure where sellers expect customers to trust them blindly. People are smart today. Why will anyone waste their valuable time listening to a stranger without knowing if the interaction is going to be beneficial for them or not? Again, anyone rarely calls back an unknown number if someone misses the call. So there is no point of expecting a good outcome when the first impression is irksome. On the other hand, Digital Market has been able to establish a relationship of trust and satisfaction with the customers. It is because of showing the benefits of product or service beforehand. Showing testimonials, results, and case studies definitely attract a customer’s interest.
  1. Restricted choice: Whenever we get a call from a seller, they describe a limited number of products. However, today people’s expectations are growing and they believe that there is always a better option. Through Cold Calls, it is impossible for a business to display its entire portfolio in front of its potential customers. In this case, Digital Marketing has nailed the right spot. People are just a few clicks away from knowing about the entire product portfolio of any company. It is convenient for customers and they can find a reason to have a long-term relationship with the company.
  1. Exhausting Physical activities: There is a requirement of a lot of employees in case of Cold Calling. The assigned employees have to deal with different customers in a day, which is not an easy task. They go through annoyance and ignorance all day long and it causes mental fatigue. Digital Marketing works against this unhealthy environment where a business can be more efficient without sacrificing human productivity.

As sellers are learning to grow their business effectively online, amount of Cold Calls are reducing day by day. Because of these strong reasons, smart business owners are choosing Digital Marketing over Cold Calling.

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