Why You Must Not Ignore Digital Marketing as a career in 2018 ?

Scope of Digital Marketing: Overview

Digital Marketing is winning hearts all over the place. Huge conferences are being organized all across the globe to discuss the ongoing trends and future. Everyone’s part of it. Be it Job consultancies, Marketing Biggies or Advertising Agencies. But what is it? Why there is so much buzz around this newbie.

Simply, Digital marketing is a conglomerate of various digital platforms to promote your product and service. I am sure there is nobody in the room who has not used Google/Facebook once in his/her life. Remember, a while ago you just logged into your favorite Facebook or Instagram and you are directed here to my website. We use such platforms to promote our products and services.

Due to easy availability of the internet, people are becoming tech savvy like never before. Maybe, an elder in the house just asked you how to use or install Whatsapp /Facebook. Infusion of technology has never been so speedy! So, why not make a career out of it! Yes, a future-proof career. Because it’s the youngest and ever-growing domain.  I know it spins your head but worries not! I will walk you through all the How! What! and Whys!

Let us start with How!

First of all, Congratulations, it seems like you gave some serious thought to Digital Marketing as a career.

To kickstart a career, First of all, you need to understand its platforms  such as and how do they work backstage:

a) Facebook 

b) Google

c) Instagram

d) LinkedIn

e) Analytics

f) Wherever your customer is (marketing logic)

digital marketing
Digital Marketing Career Option a #9999410505

What can be more interesting than using the medium that we so comfortably use in our daily lives but now to make some moolah and of course a career! I would not want to keep you in a loop by saying it’s all easy. It surely is easy and interesting only if you are ready to invest your time! You can also join institutes like http://www.pacecareer.in that provide good training including Live Projects Therefore, You will have to stay dedicated to understand how all this work to pump up the internet business! But I can guarantee this learning process will be the most interesting one. Therefore,

I must give you a little peek-a-boo about what you will learn to be a Digital Marketing Expert

  • How Google shows the most specific answer to your query! Module-(SEO)
  • How does Facebook/ Google/ Twitter/ LinkedIn charge if you wish to advertise! (SEM/SMM)
  • How to monetize a Blog or Youtube Channel! (Video and Blog Marketing)
  • How to be a Freelancer?
  • How one can bring footfall to a website! (SEO)
  • How can you plan an online marketing strategy (SEO/SEM/SMM)

All this I mentioned above is just a bucket from the ocean!

Let’s get to the ultimate concern probably everybody has!

‘Naukri Lagegi’ Ya Nahi Bhai?

  • Forbes has estimated that Digital Marketing is among the Top 10 hottest jobs in the world.
  • 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases.
  • 78% of local-mobile searches result in offline purchases, as a result, more sales, more business, more Jobs!
  • Due to digital marketing, it takes $1 to convert a customer worth $90

All this concludes that Digital Marketing is here to stay and you should be ready to join the army of next-gen digital marketing because demand is surpassing the supply when it comes to a right candidate. So Start NOW! Brush up Your skills and Slay!!

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