Top 7 Reasons Digital Marketing is the best career for you in 2017


I assume you are serious about shaping your digital marketing career in a direction that pays you in long term!  Being a learner myself but slightly more experienced to guide you.

I created this list to give you an idea what you already have it in you to shape your Digital marketing career: 

1)Tech Savvy: Yes, Digital Marketing is for you if you spend a lot of your time crawling the internet like a robot and lose the track of time every now and then. It is one career which will never bore you. Because you are always keen to dig the Internet. Google updates, Change in Facebook Interface, New Video/ Picture editing tools. New Apps and what not! Precisely, everything that you love!

2)Love numbers: Digital Marketing is as deep as the ocean, and Analytics is one hottest job domain which is facing high scarcity of talented human resource who are good at Mathematics. Are you willing to showcase your number crunching skills? It’s a career for you. Forbes estimates that Analytics will be the hottest job trend in 2017 and beyond. 

3)Sitting Job: Okay, not everyone is good at maths. I feel you. Truth to be told, I flunked Mathematics in 8th Grade. So, I have got something for you too. Digital Marketing, unlike traditional marketing, involves the least amount of transition! You sit and work at your favorite computer and laptop. Sometimes. Work from home in your favorite Pyjamas!

4) Freelance Work: Many people prefer self-employment over a 9 to 5 yelling at by their bosses. If you also want to be master of your destiny then this field has a lot to offer you! Content marketing jobs are easy to start with. Then You can try out Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, the list is endless. You can register yourself at UP WORK to start working as a Freelancer. So, upgrade your skills.

5)Creative Mind: Content is the King, you will hear this term zillion times when it comes to marketing. A video/ picture or a meme that you recently shared via your social media account is known as ‘content’. It was too good that you couldn’t resist sharing. Some creative mind must have made it. You can also take inspiration and showcase your art in front of everybody!

digital marketing career
Digital Marketing

6)Social Influencer: You may not know it but if your Facebook friend list or Instagram followers list has impressive numbers than you are a social influencer which means you can promote brands for companies via your posts and you get paid commission as their brand ambassador or influencer! Fromote is among the top Influencer Marketing Companies.

7)Traditional Marketer: You must have put in your day and night while working on PPTs, creating campaigns and direct selling your products to gain the invaluable marketing experience that you now possess. So, why not give an extra edge to your career by learning which is relatively new and is in high demand!

At last, you have to make a conscious decision. Find your calling, develop the required skills and sail the ocean of opportunities that Digital Marketing Career can offer!

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