Digital Haryana Summit 2017

digital haryana summit 2017

On 15th September at 3:30, while roaming in the Office corridor, I dialed the Director’s number asking for a half day. She nodded and I left for Gurgaon. The mini Silicon Valley of India is 30 km from my office at Chirag Delhi.

While packing my stuff for the day, colleagues enquired with cheek in the tongue that if I were on a date this afternoon. I smiled back and left.

Yes, a date with startups and entrepreneurs and something that I love- Technology. I headed to Digital Haryana Summit 2017 being held at The Leela Kempinski Hotel in the presence of Honorable CM of Haryana and many ministers in charge of related portfolios.I was excited to meet young, vibrant and dynamic young people who have taken the Digital Markets by storm with their sheer passion and dedication.

digital haryana summit 2017

At 4:30, I rode into The Leela. Climbed up the stairs to the first floor. Entered the Ballroom-1 where panelists were engrossed in the discussions. ….the city for adapting to technological changes like never before, said the speaker. While listening to this half-heard sentence, I settled down on Table 11 with a college buddy Divyanshu Dubey.

It was 5:10, The Huge Electronic Banner showcased the next session ‘Start-Up Event’ The agenda was to discuss the current state of Startups in India and in Haryana particularly. How young and the vibrant workforce is changing the landscape of Indian Businesses. How Government is helping them chase their dreams. I was excited to meet the people my age who have achieved the heights with their innovative ideas.

The Following Panelists:

digital haryana summit 2017
Digital Haryana Summit 2017

Fueling next level of Growth and innovation.

All members took the stage and moderator started with praising the government’s effort in understanding the needs of young startups. India’s burgeoning digital economy is expected to provide job opportunities to about 50-70 lakh youth in the country by 2020, Electronics and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said on Friday.

Moderator now requested the speakers to share their vision and how Gurgaon has been a driving force in their success.

Mukul Bafna, co-founder of started sharing his experiences and how shifting from Hyderabad to Gurgaon was a learning experience. He stressed on the growth Gurgaon has seen in five years. Initially, it was difficult to acquire quality workforce but now Gurgaon is at par with Hyderabad in taping the IT Sector.

Today, Haryana has 1500 StartUps which is close to 38% of the total number in India. The pie is cherished by all the adjacent regions. Be it Delhi or U.P

This was the moment I was waiting for. It was these guy’s turn to speak.

Ritesh Agarwal 23,  founded OYO Hotels in Gurugram so this place is very special for the young entrepreneur. He praised the positive vibes around the startups in Gurgaon. He also discussed how Metro and Transportation Connectivity has helped in possessing the talent from adjacent districts and our National Capital Delhi. He also talked about his business and strategic investment worth $10M his company closed.

“About 80 percent is now franchised and self-operated (properties). The rest 20 percent is coming from properties where we have a partnership for a few rooms and we do not control the entire technology and the inventory piece,” said Ritesh Agarwal, founder and chief executive of Oyo.

I was mesmerized by the simplicity of this chap. He has already changed the dynamic of the hospitality industry. He was mobbed by his admirers for a selfie and he didn’t say no to anybody. Stood at the exit door for nearly 30 minutes to talk to everybody.

Interesting take aways from the session: Coming soon

This was an amazing learning platform and It makes me feel more confident that Digital Marketing is here to stay and it will bring together the communities around the world!  I am also organizing Digital Marketing Workshop which is Free to attend. You can book your seat here.