7 Industries Adopting Augmented Reality in 2017

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We have often confused Augmented Reality with Virtual.

Let’s clear the air today! They are different but still, both the technologies have something in common, they are created to provide us with the immersive experience! They have the ability to alter our perception of our surroundings. Augmented Reality is a bit different. 

So, What difference do they have? 

augmented reality blogger
Use of Augmented Reality in Industries

Augmented Reality refers to the impressive piece of innovation which add-on creative elements to our surroundings. Whereas, Virtual Reality is the technology that takes us to an imaginary world cutting us from our current surroundings

It may sound confusing but it’s not. I am not sure if you have experienced a VR gadget. And I bet you have experienced Augmented Reality because it has been around for quite some years now.

Many Industries are adopting the technology. I am mesmerized and couldn’t resist sharing it with you. Some are as follows:

Seven Industries using AUGMENTED REALITY:

1) Augmented reality in Sports: When was the last time, you just sat and watched your favorite match. Did You see Replay shots, an animated ball with 3D infused graphics, virtual lines etc following the wickets to help umpire make a correct decision? Broadcasters use Augmented reality extensively to provide users with immersive experience.

2) Augmented reality in Education: Yes, A.R is not limited to entertainment. It is benefiting the education sector equally. Massive Open Online Courses are already up and running. BYJU’s the first technology infused App here in India that uses A.R technology in almost every video. Download their App here. They have successfully brought together Content, Media, and Technology. Even, Mark Zuckerberg praised the concept!

3) A.R in NewsRoom: Have you seen News anchors updating about whether by touching the Weather Report Display in the air. Newsreader virtually standing in the Stadium while physically being in the News Studio. This is all born of Augmented Reality. We will witness more amazing visuals in years to come.

4) In the world of Marketing: Every marketer is a story teller. With the help of AR, it becomes easy to engage the user and gain momentum in the market by building brand affinity.


As a marketer, I am really excited

It will help us create a digital virtual environment in the Brick & Mortar store. It will surely boost up the decision-making power of our client.

5) AR in Medicine: Medical science has achieved so much due to its powerful research and development. Technology has boosted its efforts every time. Augmented Reality is doing the wonders by making it easy for Doctors, Researcher, and Pharmaceuticals to provide exceptional services to the community.

6) A.R in Entertainment: Remember how hooked your friends were when the Pokemon Go Game got worldwide attention. It was an AR infused gaming technology. When entertainment is discussed, there is no point we can forget about the film industry. It will be so excited to see Theatre that will infuse AR in their properties to enhance user experience.

augmented reality in games
Augmented Reality

7) Augmented reality in Fashion: Have you heard about some fashion App asking you to try its products in their virtual try-room? It is so amazing and magical. Surely It is in a nascent stage but within no time it will be all over the place and hassle of standing in Try Room queues will end.

What will not end is our curiosity to learn more about such exciting piece of technologies! Come back for more interesting articles! Till then Read about Virtual Reality here.