Step by Step Guide to Increase Instagram Followers using Instazood Bot

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A month ago, I started my Instagram Profile with the username @anuragbhatiadotin, I made sure this page is focused towards Digital Marketing and Digital Tools that any normal internet user can take advantage of. While I focused on creating useful content for you, my sibling took care to publish and promote it. Once in a while, I started getting random DMs and comments on my posts appreciating my content and a request to follow them […]

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

As we have reached the end of 2017, it is time to look ahead and see what opportunities are waiting for Digital Marketing in 2018. The best practice to analyze future trends can be done by studying past and present trends in Digital Marketing and find out which one failed and which one grew. Focusing on these strong Digital Marketing trends, we have made a research that can shine your company in 2018. We have done […]

Top 5 Reasons Cold Calling is Outdated and Digital Marketing is the Future

Guest Blog by Digital Marketing vs Cold Calling The days are not far when Cold Calling will vanish into thin air. Don’t worry! It is a good news for all the buyers and sellers out there. Cold calling is a thing of past when people were unaware of the potential of Digital Marketing. However, today people are becoming familiar with Digital Marketing and letting go of Cold Calling with happy faces. Let’s understand Digital Marketing […]

Top 5 Ways to Learn Advanced Digital Marketing for Free

Digital Marketing Digital Marketing is making waves around the globe. I can bet 1058 INR in my pocket that you have also heard about it. They say, I have always been outspoken about how every Marketing Graduate without Digital Skills will face the anguish of the employers sitting in the cushy buildings waiting for their prince charming to work on the digital marketing project their company has bagged. I will focus on Advanced Digital Marketing in […]

Digital Haryana Summit 2017

digital haryana summit 2017

On 15th September at 3:30, while roaming in the Office corridor, I dialed the Director’s number asking for a half day. She nodded and I left for Gurgaon. The mini Silicon Valley of India is 30 km from my office at Chirag Delhi. While packing my stuff for the day, colleagues enquired with cheek in the tongue that if I were on a date this afternoon. I smiled back and left. Yes, a date with […]

How to Start a Website in 2017 ?

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How I created my website within a day? Ideas can strike anywhere. Anytime. When put into action, those ideas have the ultimate power to bring in exceptional results. On a sunny Saturday, while heading to my office at Chirag Delhi from Faridabad. The Eyes focused on the road while mind traveled places. My Yamaha FZ focuses on speed and I prefer on what future holds for me. Bingo! An idea stroke. I enquired myself, Are […]

Top 7 Digital Marketing Myths in 2017

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Digital Marketing Myths in 2017 Digital marketing Myths plays a heinous role in hampering the effective medium to advertise your product and service to your prospective customer. Given the easy access to the internet, People with lack of expertise spread half true information in the public domain via Youtube and Blogs. It ends up screwing the real results. Given the numerous targeting and bidding options, campaigns have become so optimized that you can conclude (close […]

Top Three Social Media Campaigns in 2017: Case Study

OYO Rooms Case Study

Social Media Campaigns SMM (Social Media Marketing) has become a vital part of any Marketing Mix. A Huge amount of dollars are put to use to have an edge over competition or simply gain traction. I came across these 3 amazing companies who run some interesting campaigns. OYO Currently, the most popular Hotel brand that owns and aggregates Hotels India. It was started by a young and dynamic Ritesh Agarwal in 2011. It has gained […]

7 Industries Adopting Augmented Reality in 2017

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We have often confused Augmented Reality with Virtual. Let’s clear the air today! They are different but still, both the technologies have something in common, they are created to provide us with the immersive experience! They have the ability to alter our perception of our surroundings. Augmented Reality is a bit different.  So, What difference do they have?  Augmented Reality refers to the impressive piece of innovation which add-on creative elements to our surroundings. Whereas, […]

Virtual Reality 2017 | How it all Started?

Virtual Reality?  How It All Started? A reality that claims it is not real. All the Sci-fi we have watched our whole life will turn out to be non-fictional Why two words with ironic meanings came into existence? In the start, it confused my tiny head while thinking what does it actually is! Curiosity forced the fingers to Google about the technology behind Virtual Reality.

How to Earn from Social Media Marketing in 2017 ?

8 Tips to Create Your Online presence with Social Media Marketing and earn as an Influencer Marketer Yes, You heard it right, Grow your social media presence and earn a handsome amount in the field of Social Media Marketing. You may ask me. Is it that easy?! How to do it? Wait, Boy! Your curiosity is justified. I have curated this article just to take you on a ride where I will answer all your […]

Top 7 Reasons Digital Marketing is the best career for you in 2017

  I assume you are serious about shaping your digital marketing career in a direction that pays you in long term!  Being a learner myself but slightly more experienced to guide you. I created this list to give you an idea what you already have it in you to shape your Digital marketing career:  1)Tech Savvy: Yes, Digital Marketing is for you if you spend a lot of your time crawling the internet like a […]

How I started my Digital Marketing Journey in 2017?

How I started my Digital Marketing Journey? Before 6 months of starting my Digital Marketing Journey, On a rainy day of 2016, a car zoomed into the driveway of a garage cum shed in sector 11, Faridabad. I parked the car and settled into the main chair of a huge office. I am the boss of the Pre-Owned car business with an Inventory of 10-15 cars. Every client who visited was impressed looking at my 1ooo square […]