How to Start a Website in 2018 ?

how to start website

How I created my website within a day?

Ideas can strike anywhere. Anytime. When put into action, those ideas have the ultimate power to bring in exceptional results.

On a sunny Saturday, while heading to my office at Chirag Delhi from Faridabad. The Eyes focused on the road while mind traveled places. My Yamaha FZ focuses on speed and I prefer on what future holds for me. Bingo! An idea stroke. I enquired myself, Are you not into  Digital Marketing? 


So ?

So why not share your experiences with people who want to learn about your industry. Why not create a website based on something that you love and later on start creating a second source of income from it. I came up with three-four ideas and settled with Digital Marketing.

That was my calling.

But I questioned myself about the following and came across the answers too:

1)How on earth would you do that without writing a line of code?

-Coding is not required to make a good looking website.

2)What is gonna be the cost of starting the website?

-Roughly 600 per month

3)How would you monetize your website in a (long-term)?

-Via Affiliate and Google Advertisement.

After completing the daily office work, I had a whole day ahead. Google Chrome was running out of tabs as I tap my fingers on the fringing keyboard. In an hour of head busting research. I came across the following prerequisites:

how to start website

How to start Your Website in 2018: [Three Steps]

1)Domain Registration i.e. Website Name 2)Domain Hosting 3)Website Creation Tool: WordPress, Dupla, Joomla and more (FREE)

These are like three wheels of a three wheeler.

Step-1 | Name Your Website

The first step in How to Start Website, you will have to register a domain with the online registrar. In this case, the registrar is GoDaddy. Whereas Domain is the name of your website. While deciding domain name, think of a name that best represents you or your business. Choose a short domain, it will help the people remember your site. So, I started to research about my site by checking if it is available. You can check your domain availability. You are welcome.

(Bluehost, GoDaddy) Cost Starting: 99INR annually.


Step-2 | Get Web Hosting

Second Step in How to Start Website is to purchase the space on the internet which is popularly known as Web Hosting.

Web hosting is a paid service provided to individual or organizations to publish their website onto WWW or the Internet. Blue Host provides best hosting services with Live Chat Support. It has also won many awards for exceptionally amazing Customer Service.

Types of other web hosting companies:  Hostgator, GoDaddy, AmazonAWS) (Beginner Cost: 4500-5000 annually)

STEP-3 | Install a Blogging Software (I use WordPress)

Last and crucial step in How to Start website is the Content Management System: A web based open source software which will help you post your content on the Web. WordPress is the major player in this regard. Bluehost and WordPress have integrated their platforms and made it super easy for anyone to self-host their site. If you face any problem, you can reach out to me via Free Consultation Tab.

See, a house is just a block of bricks and cement if it has no interior or furniture in it. Likewise, a website is nothing without its design and content. You may now create content in form of a Blog or Images or Videos. Pick a topic that you are passionate about. It will keep alive your desire to write and you will never run dry for ideas.

Still confused? Just think of the time what your friends and peers come to you for. Maybe Fitness, Your Culinary skills, Education counseling. It is that simple to decide.

I understand there must be doubt-worms crawling your body and mind right now. Chat with me via my Free Consultation Service. Let’s make your presence felt on the internet!

Brief us about your Business, Target Audience and any Problem you wish to solve.